Tarot : Taratir correspondences


Title Waite-Smith Tarot LotR Tarot Title Image

0, Fool Youth with dog dances by a precipice Gollum 0, SPIRIT The Flame of Anor

I, Magician Magician at a table with magic symbols Gandalf 1, KINDLER Gandalf as Servant of the Flame of Anor

II, High Priestess Seated woman with the Book & Key of Wisdom Éowyn 2, MISTRESS of MAGIC Galadriel, bearer of the Elven Ring Nenya

III, Empress Seated woman Galadriel 3, RIVER- DAUGHTER Goldberry

IV, Emperor   Elrond 4, ELDEST Master Bombadil

V, Hierophant   Saruman 5, LORE-GIVER Frodo learns the history of the One Ring & his role

VI, Lovers Two lovers embrace Aragorn & Arwen 6, GIFT Galadriel tests the Company with their true desires

VII, Chariot A chariot is drawn by two beasts Théoden rides from the Hornburg 7, COMMAND Frodo at the Ford of Bruinen

VIII, Strength Young woman subdues a raging lion White Tree of Gondor 8, TREE The Entmoot at Derndingle as the Onodrim awaken

IX, Hermit Hermit figure with staff and lamp Bombadil 9, PILGRIM Gandalf as the Grey Pilgrim

X, Wheel of Fortune Wheel of Life, with creatures set about it The One Ring 10, MIRROR Galadriel's Mirror reveals much

XI, Justice   The Oathbreakers 11, COUNSEL The Council of Master Elrond

XII, Hanged Man Youth hangs upside down from tree Denethor sacrifices Faramir 12, BRIDGE Gandalf faces the Balrog at the Bridge of Moria

XIII, Death Death on horseback tramples figures Gandalf faces the Balrog 13, GATE The West Gate of Moria

XIV, Temperance Young woman pours water from ewers Gollum swears upon the Ring 14, EVENSTAR Arwen Undomiel, Evenstar of the Elves

XV, Devil Two figures chained beneath horned Devil Gríma Wormtongue 15, CHAINS of GOLD The One Ring of Power

XVI, Tower Lightning-struck tower Destruction of Isengard 16, TOWER The destruction of Isengard

XVII, Star   Galadriel bearing Nenya 17, MOON Gandalf, impri- soned on Orthanc

XVIII, Moon Two dogs bay beneath the moon Shagrat & Gorbag 18, STAR The Star-philtre of Galadriel

XIX, Sun A naked child rides bareback in a garden The Sun over the Shire 19, SUN The new sapling of the White Tree

XX, Judgement   Gandalf throws the Ring into Frodo's fire 20, WORLD Arda: the World That Is

XXI, World   Map of Arda 21, THE WEST The Elves sail into the West

No true Tarot equivalents 22, SHADOW through 36, TREASURE

This table shows the titles and pictorial representations of the 22 Major Arcana of the Tarot in the Waite-Smith and Lord of the Rings tarot decks. Also given are the corresponding Taratir archetypes as documented in the Tresco manuscript.

Note that the best correspondences are given by reversing the archetypes Star / Moon and World / Judgement.