In a desert of ambition I stood
Under the great Eye
Striving to achieve balance but it cannot be
The Ring of Life was handed to me
From the Powers
The Ring of Power was given from the Eye
I stood on the pinnacle of choice
You are the one who saved me

Friend of the heart
Through the rings of time
I heard your whisper in my ear
And won by Love what
Could not be gained with Power
I sit on the rocks - high above the earth
Swinging my legs over oblivion
With no Rings at all - alone and never lonely Remembering you

Through rings of love we have met across the ages
To sit on sunny afternoons in our hearts
Together contemplating what life is
And together, we heard
Elven-song of old
The strains passing over us, floating to unguessed heights
Then cascading softly into our thirsty souls
And we understood

I remembered and understood -

Power, I did not desire
I chose the Ring of Life but it vanished
A golden arrow into my heart
And I knew peace and deepest Love
My soul had wings to fly
In the shifting hues of The Song That Is
It was the Ring of Being
Wherein we are of one joy