I saw Mordor in the wind today
The burning fires
The anguished lives
I felt the black touch of despair
As it swept over me and continued
In its wide arc

We weep for what is left
Tears cannot reach the place
Where we see what will never be again
The ladder down is too steep
The way back does not exist

Do not go gently
Into that black night
I want to Rage - Rage
Against The Dying of The Light
What has been forged here today?
What Power has been playing
In the ashes of our lives?

A Ring has been made
In this fire of death
A Ring of Doom to close us in
To take our Freedom and steal our Peace
To band our hearts with iron and steel
So that we never again do unto our brother
As we would have him do unto us

In this concrete world coloured
With fire and smoke
Stung to the quick - with venomous hatred
Whose tears will make sacred the soil of Death?
Who will cleanse us by forgiving?
We cannot who have Anger and Fear

I heard Angband in my heart today
From across the circle of time came
The clamourous panic and dissonant
Hum of tragic ruin
And from his path in the Void
Morgoth smiled that his servants
Still walk among us

Varda! Set a new light for me
That I may see the Way
The Wind must bear my prayers to you
My throat is choked with ashes
My heart too full of tears
Set a light high for us
That we may weep in its cool rays
And be healed in its soft glow

Please * please
Answer our hearts
Set us a Light of Peace