Trees for Tolkien

Middle-earth Reunion Smial has so far sponsored the planting of
nine native broadleaf trees in the United Kingdom by the
Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust

Three trees are planted in St Joseph's Wood,
near the spectacular Aysgarth Falls in Wensleydale

Two more have been planted in the evokatively named
Valley of Desolation, Warfedale

The location of the remaining trees is not yet known

Check out the links below and discover how you can help in the Greening of Arda

The United Kingdom

YDMT logo, 8KB
Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust

Woodland Trust logo, 4KB
The Woodland Trust

Forestry Commission logo, 2KB
The Forestry Commission

The United States

MH logo, 4KB
List of US schemes

If none of these appeal to you, there is probably a wildlife park or area of woodland near where you live. Contact the warden or local authority and find out if there are any planting schemes you could get involved with. My children and I planted a number of young beech trees in 1999 - it's great fun!