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Muse by R Lacon (8KB)

Illustration by Ruth Lacon

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The train journey home
Was the most mundane
Monotonous motion
And scenery, plain

The occupants dozing
Minds in flotation
While I sit there waiting
For divine inspiration.

The young girl in front
Then catches my smile
At the garbled announcements
Made mile after mile.

She starts to giggle
And the moment is lifted
And the journey becomes
A special time gifted

I notice us leave
The smoke of the city
And now this natural pattern
Is contrastingly pretty

Glancing around
At the people inside
I see no one's noticed
Their view far less wide

Than the pages of magazines
Or screens of small games
While others have music
As they think of their aims.

When I turn to the girl
She's staring at forests
An enchanting half smile
Makes her face seem the wisest

Then I see it, a falcon
As it soars o'er the hills
And we roll through a valley
On our thunderous wheels

The beauty of trees
And the peace of the green
Makes me want to stay here
In this idyll, serene.

But I know that I can't
And I return to that smile
Only this time it's facing me
With a look to beguile

And I suddenly think
Wasn't her hair just now brown?
And her eyes a dark hazel
Beneath the child's frown?

But now with this smile
It looked more like red hair
And the eyes were much lighter
The green of the 'fair'.

She then turned her head
And I dropped my gaze
And it fell on my notebook
And the sadly blank page

But when I picked up the pen
the muse was most sweet
An enchantment took hold
My prose, a strong fleet

I must have been writing
Past the next two stations
Because I missed when she left
My Elf visitation

And I thought then of words
Written on what had been
And how those around you
Could be more than they seem

And then I was sure
Though I couldn't tell how
That the smile and the girl
Would be my muse now.