Fey meetings

Where are the Elves and Otherfolk in these later days?

Journey to another of the Perilous Realms

Rohanna County

Deer have a special place in the heart of Karigan Rohanna, as you can read in her beautifully lyrical tales A Walk in the woods and A bit of white.

Another chance encounter (as we like to say) in the wild places of Pennsylvania brings Karigan face to face with elvenkind for the first time.

But things change. Those of us who have accompanied Karigan on her journeys can only mourn with her the harsh intrusion of the modern world into her corner of paradise. In one moment, everything changed. And yet her response, as she bids her world farewell, is characteristically positive; even, one might say, Elven.

With endings come beginings and as Spring delivers its blessings Karigan discovers a new adventure:

There were deer on a hill behind me, distant yet close, far enough that it seemed almost to suggest the past, the closing of things. I found myself desiring a new kind of adventure, a new kind of excitement. I was resolved to go and find it - indeed, perhaps try something new, something unexpected, perhaps that would surprise me ...

And the story continues, in Other lands ...

Ylfic realities

In Home Eleven Martin Baker describes his first contact with Ellen & Kai of the Ylfe (modern day Elves), at a Green Festival in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Away From Home (parts one and two) describes Martin's first visit the Merrill Valley in the company of the Ylf Jon. There he meets the guardians of the hidden valley and re-discovers a long-lost friend.


Michael Thompson never uses the word "Ylfe" but perhaps the mysterious lady Elanor and her pilot husband are of that ilk. Decide for yourself as you read Michael's first-hand account Flight Sim 98: Into the West.

And the lady that inspired Gavin Webb's Muse has similarly an elven air.

Yet darker things there are that walk in this world or along the shadowy borders make their habitation.

Ruth Lacon met one beneath a Hawthorn tree, one fine day in the Scottish Borders. A being that has heard of Reunion magazine and has its own views on Tolkien.

To be continued ...