Other lands


Standing in the doorway, I can see the light
Night has covered the day, yet the moon is bright
Beyond my door frame, a deep distant sky
Yet cruel fate's game? I've no wings to fly
My fingers extending, I reach for the sunset
Realities blending, my lust for truth is whet.

Pulling me beyond my world, reaching into Other lands
I almost see a flag unfurled, held aloft by Other hands
One by one the sky is filled, by banners I once knew
And armies I once with drilled, once I mighty acts did do
Familiar voices cry to me, from all that rests before my eyes
"Come," they say, "come and see! The truth before you lies."

I am reborn, as warrior bold
From here I'm torn, to home of old,
All I saw in dreams, is here me shown
All the passing gleams, things I've always known
Towards banners I go, my destiny in hand
My colors to show, homeward bound to land.

But the banners fade, like smoke in the air
I trip on all I've made, and reality breaks there
My hands touch only concrete, as I hit the ground
And that was the fell deceit, that still I hear their sound
I'm left with ears for that world, but still have hands in here
Like a leaf I'm spun and whirled, for all that's far has come so near.