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I thought it would be interesting to share some of the nice things that folks have said about Middle-earth Reunion, the magazine and website - so here is a selection, begining with a very recent comment by Karigan Rohanna. - Martin

Thanks for working so hard on Middle-earth Reunion, and give my thanks to all the talented people who have been contributing to the magazine lately!


What a marvelous idea. The continuation of the saga.


I love this site because it's unusual and very well - organized. All the materials here are interesting and easy to get.


I really like the different angle that you guys are takinng when you look at Tolkien's work.


Your community seems to be mad enough to join.


I am fascinated by the Middle-Earth Reunion - I think it's an exciting way to meet other obsessive fans like myself and share my views with them!


I love your musings! Although sometimes fancifull and at times hard to follow, I feel that there are some valid thoughts that should be followed through. It would be interesting to see what the Professor would have done with the history (after FA) if given the time. Or would he have thumbed his nose at the notion - it is mythology for mythologies sake - isnt it?? Isnt it (Middle Earth) just an "alternative Anglo-Saxon myth"?


I like Middle-Earth Reunion as it is different from the countless other Tolkien sites I come across.


I've been reading and listening to the works of Professor Tolkien all of my life. I have always felt that there was something of...not just truth, but reality, to what he was saying. Reality masked as fiction. This group feels the same way, and what's more, seems to have collected evidence. And, to quote Samwise Gamgee "I would dearly love to see ELVES, sir!"


Wow. I never expected to find anything like Middle-earth Reunion; I thought I was the only one. Thank you.


Some of the viewpoints presented here are very interesting and away from mainstream Tolkiendom.


I am a total lotr freak. Your fanfic is great!!!


I was absolutely spell bound by the beautiful words written on this site and want to know more, as I too love all things Tolkien.


I'm not sure i understand any of it but seems to interest me.


And what I like about this site is that you seem to let the first ages of Middle Earth [sic] live now without having to use the movies.


What I find most interesting about Middle-earth Reunion is the many intelligent and well thought-out articles found within, which expand and take creative leaps with Tolkien's original stories, but which always seek to keep an inner consistency to the whole of his mythology together. It is a beautiful place, somewhere between the realm of scholastic analysis and fan fiction. Well done!