Issue #36 ~ March 2005


With issue 36 of this journal Middle-earth Reunion rounds out its ninth year of existence. Unbelievable!

Over that time many people have taken the trouble to write in to say nice things about MeR, the website and the magazine and in Kudos (there is no cash!) you can read some of them for yourself. Next time maybe I'll release some of the insults and criticisms!

I am surely not alone in having wondered of late what Karigan Rohanna has been up to and, rather selfishly, when we would get to read more of her wonderful writing. In Reminders of home our prayers are met - and it is a darker tale than we would have wished. But, characteristically, the light of Otherness shows through: in Karigan's own words, like mithril trapped in rock.

I am delighted to be able to present three separate contributions from Lazlo Suli, one of our newest members. Souvenirs is a sketch of sorts for a longer, more complex work that is still unfolding (as all Tales must). Also published is one of Lazlo's glass paintings, and in Letters I have chosen to share part of an ongoing and far-reaching discussion between Lazlo and myself - to which all are invited! This sort of thing is the life-blood of any community and it is heart-warming to me that after nine years we are still here and sharing thoughts and ideas like this.

But of course it would be a dull world if we were always so erudite and serious - and Ade Tucker is back to bring us to our senses with part 6 of Malcolm & Axilla. "Ah, be still, my heart!", I muttered fervently. Quite so!

Finally, rather like one of those interminable Hobbit drinking songs that ends up at the begining, I have chosen to reprint one of my articles from the very first issue of Reunion magazine. My excuse (not that I need one, being editor and all ...) is that the material isn't otherwise online despite being at the heart of my own creative universe and part of the original inspiration for Middle-earth Reunion. The article itself, Exploring beyond the mountains describes my concept of New Middle-earth and discusses the NMe view of Tolkien's legacy. Two ancillary pages present the NMe timeline and a graphical illustration of Tolkien's sources.

Until next time.

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