This is part of the souvenirs that come to my mind. I can't say this is imagined or remembered. There is a whole story to be told.

It mixes all levels of reality. It speaks in olden language and many more. Some sound like a song. Some have no sound yet they can be heard.

Maybe you would like to be bothered with some more. Maybe you could help me remember it.

There has never been such a story mentioned of before.

As I slowly awake eyes try to pierce the thick darkness surrounding I.

I can't say that I can see or that the eyes are covered.

There is no sound. There is no feeling of breath coming from I.

Thoughts are racing without substance. Without images and in deep silence.

Thoughts without sound and light.

I can't feel a body or perceive a self being, a mind in which I am.

Yet I have this assurance that I do exist.

I try to move.

Slowly a misty glow of magenta mixed with purple fog seems to pierce a vision.

The surroundings are dark. A slippery wet darkness absorbing most of the intensity of the glow.

I shout aloud yet no echo comes back to I. I shout again but I can't feel any lips moving or breath touch any part of I.

I scream with all the might that I can muster with no avail.

I have no sound, no words, no breath to utter.

And yet I feel. I feel a presence which makes me feel that I do exist somehow.

- Where am I ? I ask myself.

- Anyone ?

The glow grows wider, splitting the stark darkness like a flower emerging from deep soil unto a ray of light.

I can see therefore I think I am. I am in a chamber.

I am seeing and thinking. I see a body like impression lit by the glow below the eyes I think are mine.

The body is human like, without clothing. A male or female I can't say. The glow reflects only a shape in color of a strong ash gray.

A block like chair is carved under the shape from a black material that absorbs all reflection from the glow. A deep black like the infinite Universe.

- Hello ? I ask again.

Still with no voice or breath, only in thought.

- Where am I ?

The silence of the floating mist surrounds I.

- Welcome Red. A voice resonating like a woman's caress.

- You have come to your senses. I am glad to see that.

This woman's voice envelops me with a sudden energy that pierces the shape the eyes, I think are mine, see.

Under the eyes the shape takes form and moves with a jolt of life. The eyes reach back towards the ceiling, I feel fingers gripping the block under the shape of I.

Arching convulsively trying to detach from the block. I feel a body. Yet I can't say it is I.

Slowly I sit straight looking at arms, at legs resting in the carved block under the body.

- Where am I ? What is all this !? I shout with mixed anger and impatience.

The hand reaches to touch lips yet no breath comes out.

- How come I hear my voice yet there is no breath coming of this body ?

- Who are you and what trick is this ?

- Where am I ?

- Who am I ?

- Why do you call I Red ?

- Who are you ?

- Where are you ? Show yourself now !

- I am MAIN Red. The voice replies with a sensual whisper.

- Red is your denomination.

- You are inside of me.

- I am inside of you.