The Lore of Middle-earth

Discover the wisdom traditions of Middle-earth and capture the energies of the Perilous Realm.

Journey to another of the Perilous Realms

Calendar lore

Calendars play an important role in the lives of the inhabitants of Middle-earth. In the appendices to The Lord of the Rings Tolkien described the reckonings in some detail: nevertheless the evidence is in places hard to reconcile.

Martin Baker presents a carefully argued analysis of these calendar systems and aligns the Shire and Stewards' Reckoning with our modern, Gregorian, calendar. For more detail see the full day-by-day concordance tables for the Gregorian calendar, Kings', Shire, Stewards' and New Reckonings and the Calendar of Imladris.

Martin then traces the development of the principal Mannish festivals, comparing them with traditional and modern day celebrations throughout the year.

Middle-earth and the Tarot

Reg Arnold opens our first journey by examining the relationship between the Tarot Major Arcana and the archetypes of Middle-earth, relating each of these to the Paths of the Qabbalistic Tree of Life.

We then take a journey back in time along Tarot's "Royal Road" to see how modern decks developed from the earliest 15th century Tarot cards. But that's nothing! In this audacious and controversial tour de force Martin Baker proposes that the Tarot can be traced directly to the Fourth Age of Middle-earth, via the Tresco manuscript and the so-called "Lore of Life, Leaf & Stone" (see below).

The Lore of Life, Leaf & Stone

The Tresco manuscript is named for the island where it was found and allegedly dates back to the Fourth Age.

Discover the fascinating history of the manuscript and learn how to use the "Lore of Life, Leaf & Stone" which it contains in the Tresco Manuscript Realm.


The energies of Middle-earth are a special area of interest for Middle-earth Reunion member Ginger Wages. In Ring lore she examines Galadriel's use of her Mirror and the ring Nenya. This gives us even more clues as to how Elven magick works and how to work it ourselves, (with THEIR blessings, of course!)

We have all heard of "Gandalf the Grey", "Saruman the White" and "Radagast the Brown", but what is the significance of their chosen colours?

If this has whetted your appetite, Martin Baker is ready to take you on a detailed examination of the key power artefacts of the lost Ages of Middle-earth: the Two Trees, the Silmarils, the Three Rings of the Elves and the Phial of Galadriel.


The Old Straight Path is a personal account of guided meditative journeying within Middle-earth. Come with Martin to Nan Tíriel, the Crystal Spring. Visit the Rivendell valley, break bread with Beorn the Shape-shifter and meet untold power atop the Tower of Swans.

In his pathworking, Martin met with the swan Falmarindë and promised to find a way to acknowledge these noble birds. He now sponsors a Whooper swan named Snowstorm through the RSPB and has traced swans and swan-symbolism from the First Age to the present day.

To be continued ...