Perilous Realms


These "Perilous Realms" links collect together related material by various authors and artists.

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The nature of darkness

  • Of corruption and salvation

Fey meetings

  • Rohanna County - the walking stories of Karigan Rohanna
  • What happened to the fey folk?
  • Where are the Elves, the Ylfe and the Otherkin in these modern times?
  • Who has seen them?

Other places

  • Mapping Middle-earth
  • A guided journey through the Merrill (Rivendell) valley

The Lore of Middle-earth

  • The calendars of Middle-earth
  • Qabballa and the Tarot
  • The Energies of Middle-earth
  • Pathworking

The Tresco manuscript and the Lore of Life, Leaf & Stone

  • Provenance and contents of the manuscript
  • The manuscript in translation
  • Exploring the Wisdom of Life
  • Using the Taratiri & the Wheel of Visions
  • Full supporting appendices
  • LIFE-vision / Year-vision profile calculator