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Journey to another of the Perilous Realms

Mapping Middle-earth

We start our tour in the company of Peder Langlo, whose 3D map shows north-western Middle-earth at the close of the Third Age.

Peder's article Virtual Middle-earth describes his broader plans for a "virtual reality" model of Middle-earth.


A guided journey
through the Merrill Valley

The next stop on our tour is the Merrill - or Rivendell - valley. Our guide is Martin Baker who has made an extensive study of the valley complex, from Nen Andon in the west to the thundering waters of the Landon in the east.

The gallery is a good place to begin. The images will give us an idea of where we are and what we are likely to encounter.

As we start our journey, Martin takes us back to the Third Age with an introduction to Rivendell: its people, magics and significance.

Perhaps we will hear the tale of Lindiriel, the Elven maid who sang into being the Music of Creation. Her story is threaded through the entire history of the Hidden Vale.

Leading us deeper into the valley our guide relates more of the history of the Hidden Vale, starting with the legend of Ioron, the Old One, who saved Elrond and the survivors of Ost-in-Edhel from the Enemy. We learn of the traditions practiced here including the Mirnethryn whose focus is the Chamber of Singing Lights. And the shadowy Gwaith-i-Tûn-Galadhad, People of the Lodge of Trees.

Those interested in the physical geography of the region we are exploring will want to take in Martin's description of the lay of the land.

All around us the natural wonders of the valley attract and entrance us. Our guide introduces us to the flora and fauna of the region. As we approach the Master's House, Martin points out to us two ancient holly trees at the northern end of the Rainbow Bridge and tells us of their provenance.

To be continued ...