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I am happy to present here a recent correspondence between myself and new member Lazlo Suli. I offer it to the readership in the hope that others may want to pick up on some of the issues being discussed. I am sure I speak for Lazlo as well as myself in inviting anyone who wishes to write in. - Martin

Dear Lazlo,

Thank you very much for your email. As you have made a number of interesting points it is easier for me to add my comments into yours. I hope that is acceptable to you.

My name is Lazlo Süli. While searching about the most plausible origins of my name I was led from page to page to your website.

I am intrigued how you ended up at our website! I guess via Amon Sul ... 'Sul' = 'wind' ... ... 'Súli' (the Isles of Scilly, off the SW coast of England) ...? Those isles are, as you will have gathered, central to my tales of the man Hundred, and the Tresco manuscript:

And now for four years I [Hundred] have lived upon Súli amongst her people, men and elves ... The elves have taught me much concerning the history and lore of the elder days, and of the Ages of Men. With their aid I have long laboured to restore these works, correcting the innocent errors of Herefrid and Witmaer, and also the ruder mischiefs of lesser men. For surely the great book that came to Lindisfarne was corrupt, though now the true wisdom is restored ... And these pictures that surpass the craft of men the elves of Súli have made.

Yet looking for an answer about life I found similarities between Tolkien and works discovered in the Mesopotamian basin, Sumer etc ... I do not claim full understanding of the Tolkien story or knowledge of it, yet if I may ... If you would allow me a far stretch comparing Elvish stories with the Tolkien eye of evil with The Wars of Gods and Men : Book III of the Earth Chronicles (Earth Chronicles) by Zecharia Sitchin. All seem to be ancient history not spoken of because the winner always seems to rewrite history.

I am afraid I am not familiar with this literature at all, although I can think of at least one other member of MeR who probably does know them pretty well ... I am certain that we would love to hear more of your ideas if you were able to submit them for the magazine ...

Also on the Tarot and divination. My father's mother used to read Tarot which she showed to my mother. I seem to have the uncanny abillity to influence with mere though the outcome of a reading thus I refrain from trying to read others. I-Ching hexagrams reading and most forms of pre-cognition manifested through visual auditory interpretation of various signs can be also achieved from within.

This is very interesting - and I would love to discuss the divinatory aspects of the Taratiri / Wisdom of Life further if you wish. It isn't something that many people have picked up on, although for me it is an important aspect of my personal relationship to Middle-earth (along with my creative fiction, especially that set in "modern' times).

Basically my question was: in your opinion and from your experiences do you think that people like Tolkien and others are trying to pronounce words of a much olden history. A history that was erased from life and that mere artifacts can't always agree on validating it's age and verity .... All these make me see something that others like Tolkien channel in words and stories.

You mention the word 'channel' relating to JRRT. I know this is a word that others have used before in relation to him - and it has frequently evoked a very strongly negative response from others in the Tolkien fan community, who perhaps have not wanted to have such a 'weird' label applied to him. As for myself I am not sure what to believe in terms of what JRRT was 'really' doing/writing.

My own point of view, at least in relation to my own writings, I have summed up under the name 'New Middle-earth':

New Middle-earth is a secondary, sub-created world. To all intents and purposes it is identical to the primary world we all inhabit, with one important exception: within it the Middle-earth related by the late Professor JRR Tolkien in The Lord of the Rings is not fiction, but historically true.

[For rather more on New Middle-earth see here]

That is, I write (and think -- and sometimes walk) within 'New Middle-earth' and, within that realm at least, what JRRT was writing/translating had a 'real', 'actual' truth. I am not sure if that helps you at all or goes anywhere towards answering your question.

Maybe something that would be the other part of the explanation of our genetic code. Not as a tool to build but as a vast library of memories left untapped with a purpose.

This strikes me as somewhat similar to Rupert Sheldrake's 'morphic resonance'? Is that the kind of thing you have in mind?

I wish to thank you for your time. Lazlo Suli. PS: I am really interested in your Tarot. Great work of art that is your research and website.

Thank you very much for your words of iterest and support - it means a great deal to me to receive such blessings (not so many but enough to know that - for some at least - I am on the right path!)

Would you be willing to contribute something to our next magazine? Either an article or essay, or even perhaps just a letter expanding a little on what you have written to me. I think some of our other members would be interested in what you write - and indeed might be better placed to discuss them with you.

In Fellowship,


Dear Martin,

You are right about the way this search, among so many attempts that I've proceeded to no avail, has led me to you and your group. I believe within the limits of my understanding that there is more to my name and the coincidences beeing more like junction points in a path that has no trace left on any tangible map.

My parents and I have fled communist Romania because of my Hungarian descent which has created problems for so many previous years. We nearly got shot in between Yugoslavia (such a beautiful country) and Trieste on the border with Italy trying to cross on foot the border, that was in 1983.

I was 13 then and had a perfect and distinct understanding of a future passed in a country where people spoke English since my earliest childhood. As a hybrid, half Hungarian and half Romanian, I got extra beatings from kids just because I was allowing my foreseeing to slip into words.

Well today I live in Canada and Montreal has been my home since 1984.

My great grand father on my father's side was a blacksmith and a master sword maker and gunsmith (so I was told). Because of the European wars (1st world war) my familly never looked to research any of the swords and pistols he might have made.

He rejected making weapons after his squad took over a hill, upon which all pleaded hard with him beeing the designated photographer to take a picture of the victory, to which he reluctantly complied because the food that was boiling in the pot left by the fleeing Germans smelled too good to make him wait. And with a flash of light his group was immortalized only for him to survive the picture, the pot was boobytrapped and blew his whole squad.

I can tell you of more coincidences like that but it would make you think of me as weird. Well I guess we are all weird in our own ways, but these facts only prove a strange and guided like path. A path to what, I can't seem to understand. I've met quacks with degrees, savants without imagination and many bizzare people. I've written to people with reluctance since I myself am reluctant to accept these facts. None could ever help.

Well I do appreciate very much your interest and I wish maybe in some way, some day I could repay somehow your effort.

Well I have nothing to flee from. I have seen death with my eyes, in dreams and as premonitions. Simply put I have no arrogance towards it it just does not intimidate me.

What intimidates me is a Twiligh Zone like life that everyone seems to live.

And people like yourself with poetic imagination and a big heart, whom eyes are like childs curious and non judging, can put up with it.

Maybe Tolkien invented all this. But matter continuously re-invents itself from simple rules.

It is hard to reach the end of the thread by simply following the yarn. It is harder to determine facts by cutting through the knot like Alexander the Great.

I have forevisions of things to come that may have been past allready. Like a looping and skipping record of Destinies. Past beeing present and future at once. But I do not wish to be Druid about any Gnostic knowledge or to have others impose a belief system unto things that they themselves only can fathom with their imagination about. This including I.

I can tell you one thing. The olden language of the Gods was permutable in letters, syllables, structure, resonnance and meaning.

As a friend who has extended his arm to me I wish to let you in one little secret I have just heard from my old man last year.

My father had a brain aneurism 5y ago the day that I was ready to leave town to meet a girl that I 'hooked up' with over ICQ (ah the good old innocent Internet 90's)! That changed my plans since my parents are my only family here and whoever is left in Europe has little interest in me as a person beyond a monetary value. So although sometimes his brain is acting up on him he has kept almost intact his long term memory pathways.

In 1981 we moved from Galati to Constanta in Romania. Because moving about was not done without state permission he had to pass qualification exams in Constanta for his future work as a pipe fitter on super oil tankers, before all could take place.

Waiting by the sea for the day shift to start a Gypsy with a child came to him and asked him if he would have his fortune read. He was a poor man then so he told her that he could not afford to give her nothing but some change besides his bus fair to come back to the city. She read the cards for free ! Very unusual for a Gypsy to do especially since she was breastfeeding an infant and she most likely needed money.

She spoke about him and his family. One in particular was the fact that he would have to cross a great water to come to a land especially for me. That was way before escaping Romania with a tourist visa through Yugoslavia. And despite the fact that my ancestry is also in Vienna and Germany where my fathers intention was to migrate.

The gypsy spoke also of a time to come where the Sun will stand still and will rise at different spots for a certain period. A time when a lot will perish to such extent that walking for weeks will be possible without meeting a human soul. I have no fatalistic tendencies and wish all this not to be true because I do have 2 young daughters which would deserve to live to see much better that even I have seen.

But a massive chain of events that seem to have been started in the past and to which all of us so far are not aware of its existance seem to unfold as pre-recorded. I don't know about the message behind the author of The Bible Code but it seems that someone is either purposefully choreographing events or the relation is mere coincidental.

Whatever the facts are I started slowly assembling a story in 1991. Well before any belief and knowledge about any of the things that I have reported to you.

If I may [you can find Lazlo's story here] - I was planning to make it a short story or a script but the more I researched the more I remember bits and pieces of this story from actual history and from other peoples minds and they can't seem to fit in such a small place.

Again Martin, thank you for your time. It has put a pause in this quest for nothing into everything. Like an inn on a dusty road to nowhere.

Bless you.

Lazlo Suli

Dear Martin,

Could you help me a bit with calculating and interpreting the Tarot please? I was born March 13th 1970 in Timisoara Romania. Through the previous letter you know a bit about myself and some of the wisdom (or lack of) that I express. I include a link to a picture and a painting. I am also a painter (although I have stopped painting a while ago).

Thank you for your kindness.

Lazlo Suli

Dear Lazlo,

Thank you for this email and also the longer one which I am still reading. It is good to be getting to know you!

As far as calculating your Wisdom of Life series of Year-visions it is easy! Go to http://alt-tolkien.com/vcalc.html and put in your name (this is just to go in the calculated page, it does not affect the results at all) and your date of birth. Check the 'Life time Year vision profile' box and hit the Calculate button.

You should have a new page showing your profile - one for each year of your life (to age 60 I think it is).

At the top it will list your LIFE-vision which for you is number 14, EVENSTAR. The name of each archetype in the profile is a link - click it and you will be taken to a listing of all 36 archetypes. Eg:

silme nuquerna (starlight reversed)
May 13 (12) - May 22 (21)
"And she was called Undómiel, for she was the Evenstar of her people"
I am the duty of doomed promise, faithful to the consequence of irrevocable choice

Fuller details are in part 3 of The lore of Life, Leaf & Stone. As well as details on using your Year-vision profile there are details on how to calculate your 'Inner Wheel of Visions'. As far as I recall there is not an automatic process for calculating these but if you need a hand I can certainly help (I might have to revise the material myself!)

Hope to hear from you again soon!


Hi Martin,

As the e-mail was going your way with my question I was actually doing my chart through the automated version you've set up. Also I did read most of of the material you have set up about the Tresco and the Tarot. Thank you for your help though.

My help question was geared more specificaly in me being curious how and whom could have made this Wheel of Life profile more in depth. How could this be made more fluid and organic and with more focused results?

A year is a sequence not only around the Sun or Earth around itself but also precession and the elastic back-forth move from the center of our own galaxy. Thus I guess a glyph representing the feel for the year has a whole structure attached to it by my understanding. Or does it not?

Not meaning to be a pain! Be warned. Some of this is a more of a dreamy kind of theory of reality, beyond what Tolkien would have been able to gather, yet so incomplete.

Please follow the mumbo-jumbo just to guide you a few links if you think it is worth reading.

1 - Petroglyphs Canada, US, World :




2 - Proto Hebraic in stone :




3 - As I understand, phoenicians came around Britania a while ago :

etcsl.orinst.ox.ac.uk/ section2/tr215.htm



4 - A navigation instrument :


Did Tolkien talk about boats and seas besides what the general public knows?

5 - Khazars :

Did you know about how a whole empire and it's history was wiped out of worth knowing memories?


Milorad Pavic :

Dictionary of the Khazars, Female Edition

Dictionary of the Khazars, Male Edition



6 - Sumeria - And POOF man organised with agriculture in Babylon?

An elastic - tangent crossing Tolkien with Sitchin's Sumeria with Khazars at a quantic level :

Sumeria - By Sitchin theory (Executive Resume)

Gave grain :


God - Yod - (more later)

We have the dentition of ruminants not carnivores.

So I begin with some ends left loose for further study of relationships :

Exo Planet. Proto history of ancient times.

Came to colonise Earth. Plenty of animals that have basic society or clans.

So aliens do : Big, big fight over resources.

Create man as slave labor to ease their stress.

We were certainly equiped with low grade wetware - Hard Ware

3 brains www.psycheducation.org/emotion/triune brain.htm

www.yale.edu/ynhti/curriculum/ units/1979/6/79.06.02.x.html

Then :

Split Earth in (Chinese and Central American versions) Dragon layers.

A routine like of cataclysms plague Earths path or these Aliens create antagonists :

dictionary.reference.com/search? q=Antagonists

All these petroglyphs around the world talk about the same story???

Present various views of the same reality - like the Khazars story would make you think of.

And akin to memory lore and folk-lore is the closest thing to history.

Even when one would just throw in a box all the facts mixed with fantasy and false leads it could not generate anything closer than a tale of olden days related as a story.

Throw in a 'chosen branch covenant allegiance' to be a keepsake of the 'true word'.

Throw in food acting at a quantic level in the brain beyond wildest dreams - khazars and dreams altering reality are not only a story in a book.

Thus like Sun Tzu - The Art of War - states :

Keep your enemy continuously guessing. Tire him relentlessly. Apear on the left, strike on the right. Feign incapacity to gain a better position.

Have you noticed that technology is getting better yet the main religion today in numbers is Muslim which does not prone technology that much.

Jews control the world transactional markets and perceived news, all in the background.

Christians control a political and organisational elite.

And here we are bearing the burden of the ring.

Do you think - God or Gods do exist Martin?

Well the Leaf and the stone could translate like this :

Since man ate grass before god gave him grain - Leaves are the path.

Stone, or the glyphs left around in stone point to us remembering that the false story has been around for eons.

And for us to see the future we should look within our dreams or visions.

Thus eat Leaves, study stones, be unmoved and strong like one and resist temptation, while looking at the light within.

Does it make sense to you Martin?


Hi Lazlo!

My help question was geared more specificaly in me beeing curious how and whom could have made this Wheel of Life profile more in depth. How could this be made more fluid and organic and with more focused results. A year is a sequence not only around the Sun or Earth around itself but also precession and the elastic back-forth move from the center of our own galaxy. Thus I guess a glyph representing the feel for the year has a whole structure attached to it by my understanding. Or does it not?

Okay. Of course any system which can be useful in applying to something as complex as a human life is going to have to have a lot of inherrent complexity. Your personal 'profile' is thus a composite of several things:

  • LIFE-vision: your lessons etc for your lifetime as a whole
  • Year-vision: your lessons etc for one year
  • Outer Wheel of Life: the external world, the background against which your life plays out - this is the same for each year and for everyone
  • Inner Wheel of Life: your 'internal' world. This is the same for each year of your life but is different for different people

So to give an example; on a given day you may consider the following (the order is sort of in increasing personal relevance to you):

  • The vision for that day on the Outer Wheel#
  • The vision for that day on your Inner Wheel#
  • Your Year-vision for the current year
  • Your LIFE-vision

#Note that you can construct a kind of calendar which gives the combination of these for any day of any year. I should try and automate that!

When I was first working through all this I used to do the above kind of thinking more or less on a daily basis. I have kept a daily journal since I was about 14 (I am 44 in a few weeks time) so it kind of fit into that process. I have to admit that I have not dealt with the archetypes in any detail for a while now so talking with you about it is good for me too!

The other thing to note is that there are a few 'Key' archetypes. That only means that they more closely relate to momentous changes, not that they are inherrently more important than the others, but they are highlightes on the Year-vision Profile.

Well the Leaf and the stone could translate like this : Since man ate grass before god gave him grain - Leafs are the path. Stone, or the glyphs left around in stone point to us remembering that the false story has been around for eons. And for us to see the future we should look within our dreams or visions. Thus eat Leaves, study stones, be unmoved and strong like one and resist temptation, while looking at the light within.

This is very interesting and is certainly a new take on the subject. As you will have read, the two strands 'Leaf & Stone' developed in the IV age more or less in parallel, as practical divinatory methods of employing the Taratir archetypes. This was quite distinct from the Wisdom of Life lore which arose out of essentially calendrical practices.

But the ideas you have for the inner meanings of leaf and stone allow another interpretation.

Would you be happy for me to present any of this material (I mean our discussions) in the next magazine?


Dear Martin

Thank you for the email that mentioned the genetic memory assumption. I really enjoyed reading about it. Somehow similar and yet so different. Nonetheless it is nice to be pointed in new directions.

Well Martin, If you deem any of the ideas that I brought to your attention worth of something well please go ahead and have an article published. Since for me the 'chick' came after the egg, I can't say they are mine to begin with.

I honestly am nothing but a 'hunter'. All that I hunt for is anomalies, in logic, behaviour and the missed (?) on purpose correlation between so many points.

Sub-quantic tangent.

'Now that I have realised: 'I think therefore I am.'. Which I am implies that: I am worth only a limited amount of life, why do I bother with questions of soul and good and/or wrong and searching for a god-s. All I should care about is: how do I make myself immortal. Technology is there. Who is making me look any other way but towards this goal. With all the extra years I can seek god-s in reality not dreams.'

Probably that's what the Stone Monkey - Hanuman was thinking before stealing the nectar of immortality from the Dragon Lords.

By the way : The masonic symbol, any similaritoes in any of Tolkiens symbols?


PS: And since the board game that I am on is not mine whatever Runes or I-Ching or other present me with is nothing but the 'controller of perception' playing with our true perspective. That is why it oozes only at a literary fantastic history level. Any other solid proof dealing would have it follow the : Alexandrian library, Inquisition, say Hitlerian path - burned to ashes path.