Themed tours


These "themes" bring together related material by various authors and artists.

They are an ideal way to explore the treasures available here at


  • A gallery showing the best artwork here at

The Lore of Middle-earth

  • Qabballa and the Tarot
  • Energies of Middle-earth
  • Pathworking

Other places

  • Mapping Middle-earth
  • Walking the Merrill (Rivendell) valley

Fey meetings

  • Meetings with the Ylfe (modern day Elves)
  • Otherkin

The Tresco manuscript

  • Provenance / contents of the manuscript
  • The manuscript in translation
  • Exploring the Wisdom of Life
  • Using the Taratiri & the Wheel of Visions

Coming soon ...

The JRRT tour

  • Tolkien's true sources
  • JRRT and the Ylfe

The Greening of Arda tour

  • Trees for Tolkien